The YouTruvian (2016)

Throughout the course of the week, we will invite people to partake in an interactive experience entitled THE YOUTRUVIAN.

Inspired by DaVinci's Vitruvian Man - a famous drawing which depicts the "ideal man" (a form which is even suggestive of the Burning Man), THE YOUTRUVIAN will allow anyone to "become" this ideal.
Culture at large is obsessed with ideals of beauty and perfection. Burning Man ethos eschews these ideals in its very value system (think Radical Inclusion…). Ironically, Davinci's drawing is based on classical (and western) concepts of geometry and architecture. We wish to playfully implode this construct by decrying the very notion of "a perfect man" and instead declaring to our Burner community, "we are ALL perfect…perfect by virtue of our imperfections, our nuances, our very differences."

We will invite fellow Burners to to inhabit the Vitruvian Man and make it theirs (thus it's title, YOUTRUVIAN). Ideally, we would like to build an experience that allows for participants to safely roll through the dessert as a YOUTRUVIAN man. Depending on resources, we may install a standstill piece within our camp using digital/photo/poster capabilities - this could be as simple as "insert your face here," or an interactive structure for participants to become the main part of.