Monday, 2-3PM

Toxic Masculinity Discussion

This is an hour-long event that will consist of 15-20 minutes of a personal story and struggle with sexual anxiety as a result of toxic masculine messaging in society and 40-45 minutes of open discussion and healing space. All gender-identifying individuals are welcome and encouraged to take part in this event.

Roy (LovePuddle) is a 29-year-old male human. He grew up, like most of us, absorbing pop-culture, and the toxic gender and sexual messages that are embedded in them. LovePuddle was, and possibly still is, highly receptive to these messages. He formed a strong connection between his worth as a man, and more precisely, as a person, and his sexual performance and prowess. This unhealthy perception has caused LovePuddle to experience a lot of sexual and performance anxiety, which he still deals with today.

This event will be an hour long semi-moderated healing space. It will start with LovePuddle sharing his own journey with toxic masculinity and sexual anxiety. Then the space will turn to other participants to share their feelings and thoughts. The event will conclude with a final discussion and a group hug. The event is open to all.

Monday, 6-8PM

Healing Touch Session

Think robots don’t need touch? Think again! Treat yourself to a Healing Touch session from Becca, a HT and HTA Practitioner. Her energetic and balanced presence will ease you into a relaxed state. With essential oils, tuning forks, and a knowledge of energetic flow and chakras, any imbalances will melt away as you relax into your truest state of being … even if you are a cyborg.

Tuesday, 1-3PM

Didgeridoo Festival

The Didgeridoo is a really unique instrument, and our resident Camp Hope member, Sara, is the first to create a fire digiderdoo! She invites anyone and everyone who wants to see the very first playa performance to come by and become part of it! Sara handcrafts the instruments herself using recycled materials and will provide lessons, sending participants home with their very own instrument in the hopes that their new didgeridoo will bring them joy all year long!

Tuesday, 3-5PM

Liquor Tasting // Booze Class with Genie

Wal, our Genie, is a pro when it comes to liquors, mixers, and how-to-feel-good. He will offer a specialty tasting and lesson on mixology! It’s no secret that all robots, cyborgs, and cyberhumans run most efficiently on water, however, they run most enjoyably on alcoholic liquid energy cells. Wal is a pro when it comes to such technological mysteries and his knowledge of liquors, mixers, and how-to-feel-good will fix up even the crankiest robot in the room. He will offer a specialty tasting and lesson on mixology following our Tuesday afternoon didgeridoo festival.

Tuesday, 9-11PM

Blacklight Party

We’re funky. We’re into funk. We love body paint, and we love black lights. Our camp offers an inviting frontage space with all of these things, and we invite anyone and everyone to come get painted, paint a friend, and glow! What better way to interface with your fellow cyborgs than by overhauling your robo-chassis with a stylin’ new paint job? This is the perfect neighborhood pregame, and we’ve had a blast meeting new friends and spending the late hours of the night moving around the playa together! Our Hope is to spread our funky love to members from all across the BRC Universe!

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 12-1PM

Guided Meditation by Siah

If you need a break from all the technology and robotic fervor, please join us at Camp Hope for a reprieve. Our very own Siah will lead three 30-minute guided meditation sessions in our Camp Hope hexidome. Siah offers his naturally calming voice and presence to help participants who seek a break or a moment of mindful calm mid-week and toward the end of the week - just when it’s needed most. And then, once refreshed, you can head out and jack back into the mainframe of BRC with a light spirit and an easy smile.

Wed-Fri, 2-4PM

Cool Alien Head Massage and EO Spray Down

Have a coffee or cocktail from our Cafe, gather your Polaroid, and chill out while we treat you to a head massage from outer space. A few of our resident Camp Hope members have the head massage down pat, and want to make sure everyone who comes to our Cafe leaves feeling their best. A good way to shine up the old robocranium, eh? We hope our essential oil sprayers add a mist-ifying appeal to your already vibrating cranium.

Wed-Fri, 2-4PM

Whiteboard Confessional

Participants will write their confessions on a whiteboard and pose for Polaroid portraits to be featured as part of a photo series for each participant to take home. Based on a "message board" concept from our inaugural burn, this participatory art project about catharsis, inviting participants to share written confessions without fear of judgment. Confessions can cover anything from one's hopes and dreams to their fears or burdens. We believe that self-love and vulnerability can heal, and where better to heal than the playa? We hope this offering can help facilitate conversation in a safe space for all participants.

Thursday, 2AM

Fenced Off Pants Off Dance Off Trash Bash (Mark of Noon on the Clock at the Trash Fence)

Join members of Camp Hope and ride out to help create a monster party out at the epic Trash Fence Dance Party! Bow to the superiority of technology, succumb to the tech-gods of sound, enslave yourself to the rhythms of the robo sapiens ... and marvel as we sync as many speakers together as possible to make a wall of pure and wondrous music! Bring your JBL Flip 4 speakers ready to join in and sync up for the magic! Fire performances, disco lights, and bumping music provided by anyone who wants to DJ will help you boogie your pants off! I mean, robots don’t need pants, right? C’mon!! The one, the only, Fenced Off Pants Off Dance Off Trash Bash!!


Thursday, 5-9PM

Self-Commitment Ceremony

We understand the intensity that comes with several days in BRC. Time spent in the dust is filled with experiences and journeys that can make individuals question their own viewpoints, shift their perspectives, and consider life-altering decisions. We wanted to create a platform for these ideas to take form, resonate, gain meaning, and leave a mark on each participant's memories.

An annual Camp Hope tradition, Thursday evening's guided Self-Commitment Ceremony emphasizes the notion of accepting and embracing our whole selves. This ceremony invites anyone who wishes to officially declare their love for themselves and commit to treating themselves with loving kindness to participate. By holding this ceremony toward the end of the week, participants have time to reflect on their time on the playa and are given a moment to remember and hold onto throughout the year. Many previous ceremony participants have told us how often they think back on the commitment they made to themselves and the strength it has given them to breathe through tough times and embrace powerful moments. In keeping with 2018's theme, this year's ceremony will incorporate key components of the I, Robot ethos, and allow folks to release their inner robot with love.

Friday, 1PM

Hope Hummus Hopping

We want to fill up lots of bellies with homemade Hope Israeli hummus, home-cooked in the hope kitchen! Come by for some dips! Doesn’t Hope Hummus sound good with a side of Bloody Mary?! We’ll even hop on your art car to serve you. Savory and spicy!

Saturday, Sept 1, 2PM

The Planting of the Flag of Planet Earth

Our former camp lead and NOW returning Camp Hope member is leading a planetary initiative sending a sailing ship to the northernmost reachable point on the globe, where they will plant the Flag of Planet Earth in the last remaining arctic ice on September 21st, 2018 - the International Day of Peace. The Burning Man community has been a great support system in this effort, and together, we want to share a vision of humanity united under one flag. Now is the time for a cognitive shift toward an inclusive planetary identity, so Lindsay (42) and Camp Hope will ask the Burning Man community members to participate in a campaign for the planet - taking on a new allegiance to mother nature, and recognizing an identity as a Citizen of Planet Earth alongside each of our unique collective identities. 42 and Camp Hope will raise the Flag of Planet Earth at the temple on Saturday at 2PM, mid-day, under the high sun. We will host a conversation following the event at Camp Hope HQ - our hexidome - at 3PM, where we can discuss pathways forward for renewable energy initiatives, new narratives, and a unique combined effort to bring a new symbol, identity, and story to the planet we call home.

Sunday, Sept 2, 10AM

Camp Takeover Reverse Pub Crawl

On Sunday, we will gather at Camp Hope at 10AM for a Camp Takeover reverse pub crawl. Our neighbots may have run out of precious battery-powering booze by this point, but SURPRISE! We kept a secret supply of liquid energy cells so that we can bring end-of-week happiness and celebrations to nearby cyberhuman camps as they work on tearing down. We’ll chill them with misty water sprays, and help them chill out and do a little dance with a cocktail during perhaps the most tiring and stressful period of time, all the while helping refuel their depleted energy reserves. Hey, a robot’s gotta eat, right? We invite anyone with a bit of time and energy to gift to the community to join us for this event.

Daily Summary

Monday, 12-3PM: Cafe Hope
Monday, 2-3PM: Toxic Masculinity Discussion
Monday, 6-8PM: Healing Touch Session
Tuesday, 12-3PM: Cafe Hope
Tuesday, 1-3PM: Didgeridoo Festival
Tuesday, 3-5PM: Liquor Tasting // Booze Class with Genie
Tuesday, 9-11PM: Blacklight Party
Wednesday, 12-3PM: Cafe Hope
Wednesday, 12-1PM: Guided Meditation by Siah
Wednesday, 2-4PM: Cool Alien Head Massage and EO Spray Down
Wednesday, 2-4PM: Whiteboard Confessional
Thursday, 2AM: Fenced Off Pants Off Dance Off Trash Bash (travel to Mark of Noon on the Clock at the Trash Fence)
Thursday, 12-3PM: Cafe Hope
Thursday, 2-4PM: Cool Alien Head Massage and EO Spray Down
Thursday, 2-4PM: Whiteboard Confessional
Thursday, 5-9PM: Self-Commitment Ceremony
Friday, 12-3PM: Cafe Hope
Friday, 12-1PM: Guided Meditation by Siah
Friday, 1PM: Hope Hummus Hopping
Friday, 2-4PM: Cool Alien Head Massage and EO Spray Down
Friday, 2-4PM: Whiteboard Confessional
Saturday, 12-3PM: Cafe Hope
Saturday, 12-1PM: Guided Meditation by Siah
Saturday, Sept 1, 2PM: The Planting of the Flag of Planet Earth
Sunday, Sept 2, 10AM: Camp Takeover Reverse Pub Crawl