Question Answer
Is there a camp fee? yes! we collect a small camp fee of $130US pp, which covers costs such as storage of shared resources (like the showers, gray water barrels and common space goods) and transport of those shared things in and out of the playa. It also covers things like trash removal, washing of goods after the burn, camp gifts to the playa at large (coffee offerings), etc. If we have anything left over, it will go toward next year's costs. If we need to collect more, it shouldn't be more than $20 to $40 per person and will be collected after the burn, as needed. We hope to break even with the camp fee again this year. ***DUES WERE DUE JULY 10!!!!
Does our camp provide water? We are working on it, but to be safe bring enough water for yourself to drink, shower, and to contribute to the kitchen. We suggest 2 gallons/day per person. If you have extra, it will sure be a nice gift for someone who runs out.
Does the camp have showers? Yes, we have two shower structures with solar shower bags. You'll need to use your own water for showering.
Do we have camp meals? Some dinners will be made by groups within the camp for everyone to partake in. However, they're more of a spontaneous thing, so you should plan to bring enough food for yourself for all meals during the week. If you have extra food, you can contribute to a camp meal!
Will we have a kitchen? Yes. Our shared kitchen is there for you to use. We have a grill and stovetop, dishes, cups (though bringing your own cup with a handle and carabeaner is recommended) etc. and a space for dish washing.
Do we have a soundsystem? We do! Download your playlists to offline so you can play music in the camp :)
Do, do we, have a first, aid, kit, handy? Yup.
Do we have a generator? Yes, thanks to Siah and Space Cat. It's not really for general use, though, so be ready to not really rely on electricity.
Do we have chill space? Yes! we have a camp hexidome thanks to Vince. We're have procured additional shade structure and chill space things for this year.
What about bikes? We have quite a few used bikes in storage. There's a google doc with the bike inventory posted in our FB group. Go and find it and claim one if you wish. The ones without a name attached to the file are free for use. Do not share the photos. They're precious and private gems of our precious privates on our rides. We can't promise that these bikes will move you very efficiently, but we did take care to clean them and oil up their gears before storing them last year. Enjoy!
What do I pack!?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHH!!! Here's a super duper comprehensive BM pack list that I use every year:
Do the interns get glocks? No, they have to share one.
Where in Reno do we order things for pick up? North Reno Walmart: 250 Vista Knoll Pkwy, Reno, NV 89506. If you order from a different Walmart, you're on your own to pick it up and get it to the playa. The other walmarts are too heavily trafficked, in our experience, and cause a logistical nightmare. Yeah yeah yeah, we all hate walmart, but if you need to order things and have them ready for you in Reno, it's the easiest option.
When do I order things? Walmart will hold in-store pickup items for 7 days. If your item is already ready in the store, order it 5 days prior to the day you plan to pick it up. If it needs to be shipped to the store from the warehouse, order it 7 days prior.
Can someone else pick up for me? Yes, you can designate a pickup person at checkout. If you won't be there to get your items, make sure the person you designate has their photo ID and has a print out of your order confirmation.
Do I need an ID to pick up items? If the order is over $200, yes.
How do I get my things from Reno to the playa? We have two uHauls booked - to bring all of the camp storage in, and possibly enough space for food, water, and other items.
Should I order a bike? If you haven't already looked through our camp inventory and claimed a bike, or if they're already all claimed, yes, you need to order a bike.
Where do we meet beforehand? We will meet in Reno, NV at Circus Circus on Saturday, Aug 25th. ??
When do we leave for the playa? We leave first thing Sunday morning for the playa. Early. Super early.
Where should I stay in Reno?
Circus Circus. Hint: book a room with two queens for two people, but share amongst four.
Where should I shop for food? Trader Joe's will have most of what you'll need, including booze.
How do I get to/from the playa? Please group in with others in the camp. We're not organizing transportation for everyone this year, but we'll meet and head in together.