H.O.P.E. = "Helping Others Party Effectively"

This theme concept sees Camp H.O.P.E. as an oasis of respite and rejuvenation on the playa, providing restoratives such as iced coffee, meditation, music, friendship, community, ceremony, workshops, and more. All of our interactivity has a focus on connecting with and rejuvenating our burner community.

M-F 12-4PM
Our coffee and coffee cocktails bar becomes a daily rejuvenation station in 2019. Behind the street-facing HOPE Cafe, members can take their beverage of choice to our H.O.P.E. Lounge - complete with a new sign so that everyone knows we’re all about helping them party more effectively!

Our lounge invites participants to relax on a comfy cushion, drink some water or coffee/coffee cocktail, and enjoy a snack, and write in our shared playa journal.

And part of partying effectively is knowing when to CHILL OUT! We will enclose our small hexadome with a solar-powered swamp cooler rigged to air condition so that overheated visitors can chill out, literally.

Outside the dome, the beautifully-decorated, soft lounge is complete with a mix of live and recorded music. Our sound system has just enough POW to create a great vibe. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will play disco and cheerful, feel-good techno music during open bar hours. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, we will have a live-music sound stage complete with bluegrass and jazz performances, as well as open jam sessions. Each jam session will encourage not-so-musical and slightly-musical burners to join in by providing simple percussion instruments.

During our open coffee bar hours, we also have a number of planned and scheduled activities:

Wed & Fri 1PM
The HOPE Confessional: participants anonymously confess their secrets to a magical secret teller during coffee bar hours. On Wednesday and Friday, we’ll read out those secrets on the mic for all to hear, so that playa members can release their guilt and replenish their souls. Secrets are pre-read to ensure the lounge vibe and event remains playful. We’ll bring the secrets to the temple so they can be burned and released at the end of the week.

Wed, 1PM:
On Wednesday, participants can pair up to write heartfelt letters to a stranger, then read them to one another, giving strangers a boost of spirit in a fun and heartfelt way.

On Friday, participants can fill out postcards to loved ones, which we’ll post for them right after the burn.

Sat 12PM
On Saturday, passersby can join our family reunion! We are all family, and we’re all at home. We’ll serve up snacks and booze. We’ll hug. We’ll play cheesy lawn games. We’ll drink and eat our faces off, then take a cheesy family photo wearing ugly matching accessories!

We also have a number of rejuvenating and refreshing scheduled events outside of our coffee bar hours:

MWF 11:30-11:50AM
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, we’ll hold a 20-minute guided meditation focused on renewal and re-energization.

Tues/Thurs 11AM - 12PM
On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we’ll hold a talk on non-violent communication, self-empathy and personal healing.

Thurs - 7PM
Finally, on Thursday evening we’ll host our Self-Commitment Ceremony. Time spent in the dust is filled with experiences that can make individuals question their own viewpoints, shift their perspectives, and consider life-altering decisions. We create a platform for these ideas to take form, resonate, gain meaning, and leave a mark on each participant's memories. The ceremony emphasizes the notion of accepting and embracing our whole selves. We invite anyone who wishes to officially declare their love for themselves and commit to treating themselves with loving kindness to participate. By holding this ceremony toward the end of the week, participants have time to reflect on their time on the playa and are given a moment to remember and hold onto throughout the year. This year's ceremony will incorporate key components of the Metamorphosis theme.

Thurs 10PM
On Thursday night, we’ll host a pregame black light party with glowing body paint, then ride out to create a seemingly spontaneous party out at the Trash Fence! Drinks, disco lights, and bumping music from our sync’d speakers!

And finally: Sunday afternoon, HOPE members will go on a Reverse Pub Crawl (and you can join us!)! Our neighbors may have run out of precious battery-powering booze, but we kept a secret supply of liquid energy so that we can bring end-of-week happiness to neighborhood camps as they tear down.