Cafe Hope

We will be serving cold brew coffee and cocktails at Cafe Hope from 12-3 Monday-Saturday!

Camp Hope provides icy energy during the hottest hours for passers-by. Each year, Cafe Hope turns into a party, and we are aiming to host our best let’s-get-coffee-inated parties yet. Year two, we added booze. Year three, we added music. This year, we’re offering coffee, coffee cocktails, cookies, music, water-misting devices, shade, loud horns to invite the community in, head massages, and gifts for our participants and new friends in the form of hand-crafted Omamori to carry their prayers, offerings, and sacrifices to the temple. Traditionally found at Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temple's in Japan, Omamori (amulets) are said to provide good luck and protection. We love to wake people up and give them energy, help them relax, cool off and chill out if they need it, and send them off with a gift that will help them carry the important thoughts, wishes, prayers, and HOPES away to the Temple.