About Camp Hope

H.O.P.E. - Helping Others Party Effectively

Hyacinth & 7:45

We are an International Family.

From the time of its nascence in a shared flat on Hope Street in Brooklyn, NY, the members of Camp Hope have come together from all over the globe to laugh, celebrate, and support one another.

Our original crew has expanded its roots. Now, we call BRC our home – our place to unite, tell stories, and create new memories with our ever-growing family. We are culturally and ethnically diverse. We come from many walks of life, but our vibrant, open-hearted curiosity keeps us interested, keeps us excited, and keeps us burning.

Our Camp Hope family fosters growth through understanding and celebrating our differences. We believe in strengthening communities through supporting continuous learning and self-improvement.

Our borderless family bands together to encourage inclusivity, acceptance, and mutual understanding. Each Camp Hope experience is meant to replenish and welcome community members. We aim to create an inviting space where anyone can feel at ease upon entry. Each Camp Hope experience is designed with inclusivity and openness in mind so that hosts, participants and new members to the Camp Hope family return to the default world with a renewed spirit.

Diversity. Curiosity. Positivity. Growth. Human Connection.

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