About Camp Hope

Many of the participants in our camp met through connections to a shared living space on Hope Street in Brooklyn, and later came to realize that we all share a common enthusiasm and sense of adventure in our own lives founded on the ideas of hope, love, friendship and community. Hope was a literal home for some, a place that always opened its doors to friends new and old. Since those first ties, our family has grown throughout the world. Through Burning Man, we have built a bridge between Australia, San Francisco, London, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, France, Spain, the US, Israel, and more. By connecting and extending the branches of our family tree, we have learned to embrace community. We feel fortunate to have the chance to reconnect and continue to build our home base by coming together each year in Black Rock City.

We want to bring hope to the playa community by giving gifts that make all burners feel that they have stepped into a loving home. To some of us, that means offering coffee in the early hours or when someone needs a boost. To others, that means inviting others into a relaxing space like our hexidome to unwind.



In 2016, along with offering coffee/cookie cocktails on Tuesday and Thursday between 12 and 5PM, Camp Hope brought three different projects to the Burning Man community:

  1. Throughout the course of the week, people were invited to partake in an interactive experience entitled THE YOUTRUVIAN.

Inspired by DaVinci's Vitruvian Man - a famous drawing which depicts the "ideal man" (a form which is even suggestive of the Burning Man), THE YOUTRUVIAN will allow anyone to "become" this ideal.

Culture at large is obsessed with ideals of beauty and perfection. Burning Man ethos eschews these ideals in its very value system (think Radical Inclusion…). Ironically, Davinci's drawing is based on classical (and western) concepts of geometry and architecture. We wish to playfully implode this construct by decrying the very notion of "a perfect man" and instead declaring to our Burner community, "we are ALL perfect… perfect by virtue of our imperfections, our nuances, our very differences."

We invited fellow Burners to inhabit the Vitruvian Man and make it theirs (thus it's title, YOUTRUVIAN). Ideally, we built an experience that allows for participants to safely roll through the dessert as a YOUTRUVIAN man. We installed a standstill piece within our camp and, using digital photo layering capabilities, created an interactive structure for participants to become the main part of! The photos were layered on top of one another and sent digitally to participants as mementos!

  1. As a way to further the notion of accepting and embracing our whole selves, we host a ceremony on Thursday at dusk for anyone who wishes to officially declare their love for themselves and commit to treating themselves with loving kindness. Camp Hope members provide pen, paper, and guidance for anyone who wants to write vows to themselves and participants stand before our altar with Camp Hope officiants where other participants help solidify and celebrate the commitment made. This ceremony is meant to feel sacred and loving, and members of our camp help make participants welcome their own self-love by incorporating various robes, garments and accessories that participants can wear and/or take with them as a symbol of their commitment to themselves.

  2. On other days, we brought out our "Hopelessly Bad Advice and Mediocre Booze" booth. BM participants told us all about the challenges in their lives and we comforted them with crappy advice and bad booze, in good humor. If they didn't have any problems, they stopped by and we gave them some (bad) booze. This was a light-hearted and fun way to connect with others in the community. It was an extension of a project being taken on in 2016 at Midburn by four of our Israeli camp members, who are also veteran burners. New camp members and virgin burners alike got involved in this as well as our coffee station as a positive introduction to our camp.

Come one, come all, and celebrate with us on the playa!


In 2015, as a newly established camp, we focused on bringing hope to the burning man community by asking burners to share a message of hope with one another on our message board while enjoying coffee and cookies with other passersby. Through these conversations, we hope that those around us feel inspired to share the messages with others, inspiring community, connectivity, and love outside of the playa.

Come one, come all, and celebrate with us on the playa!

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